Best DVD Writer with Best Media

Sorry for my english, but i’m french.
I see they are a lot of power user of dvd writer on this forum.

So my question, i want to buy a new dvd writer.

What is the best model at this time and what media to buy with them for have the best burning quality.

My priority is quality not the speed…

Thank you :smiley:

If you don’t like to pay a lot, i’d maybe suggest the BenQ 1650/55 in combination with Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim media.

i see you have a lot af writer… your choice is the BenQ 1650/55 before Nec and Plextor Whaouuuu

I vote for the 1655! Although Chas got a 100% quality burn with a LG and TY!

Like i said if you wouldn’t like to spend much money, there are other very good alternatives, and i’m lovin my plextors! :wink:

My favorite reseller can not have Benq Drive…
I put their product list, please help me to choose in this list… thanks

NEC ND-3540 16x DoubleLayer (S) (NEC)
NEC ND-4550 16x Double couche Noir (NEC)
ND6650 DVDRW Slim Noir 2Layer DVDRW-6 (NEC)
NEC ND-4550 16x Double couche Beige (NEC)
NEC ND-3550 16x Double couche Noir (NEC)
PIONEER DVR-110D 16x Double couche Silver, Black, Beige (Pioneer)
PX-750A/T3 16x 16x Double couche Retail Beige (Plextor)
PX-755SA/T3 16x Double couche SATA Retail Beige (Plextor)
PX-755A 16x Double couche Retail Beige (Plextor)
PX-716SA/T3 16x Double couche SATA Retail Beige (Plextor)

I dont’ want a sata drive…

[EDIT] I have another question, i’m still usinq Nero, the best for me, because now nero is too big and all their new option don’t interest me, i jsut want to create/backup dvd … so did you think my new drive will work and will be recognized by my old nero ??

Very old version, but you could use instead Nero 6 Reloaded and if you don’t need the other program features just install only Burning ROM and Nero Express and it shouldn’t be too big. Would be the better way personally for me. From this list would my favourite be the Plextor 755A soon would be come out the 760 with 18x burning, but you said you’d like quality and speed doesn’t matter, otherwise one of the Nec’s, maybe the 4550 or 3550. But like i said it depends on you.

ok, thank for all the informations

From the actual point I would choose either the Pio110D or the NEC4550 (or both).

Can I vote for them all? LOL