Best DVD Writer Out Today



Can u foks suggest a good dvd writer ou today, i was thinking of pinoer but they are simply use once and buy the next model (they change models every time something good comes out)

Anyways can u foks suggest a good dvd wwriter that is good with game backups and all round good opinions reviews muchly appreicted. And before u folks have any idea, i have searched teh forums and i have done a bit of google research butid like to get ur opinion as i havnt been in the dvd loop for awhole.

Thanks folks :clap:


BenQ 1640.

That’s my simple answer on things. Excellent burn quality, built in bit-setting native out of the box and well regarded by many places, such as this one:

AnandTech 16x review:

Summary of that review:

The only drive we saw that could write to the majority of discs and quickly at that was BenQ’s DW1640. It had average performance on most of the benchmarks. but always had a successful read to go with the successful write. The only disc that it could not write to was the MKM A03 8x DVD+RW.

Besides that single issue, the DW1640 has features to aid in successful writes, as well as bitsetting features to allow greater compatibility of the media to which it writes. The bitsetting utility can be downloaded from BenQ’s website. Over these 6 DVDR units, we recommend the BenQ DW1640 for its performance and reliability in writing to various types of media. Expect this drive to start showing up on retail store shelves very soon.

I just got one after doing the research and the thing is performing incredibly well for me. :slight_smile:


1640/110/ new 4540 next month/3540/ new LG coming out soon! I have yet to buy a bad burner but the NECs seem to have a consistant quality and lots of CDFREAK support from Liggy and Dee. IMHO
Liteon is trying for a come back! We will see! The 1693 has some good results so far!