Best DVD Writer for ritek DVD-R's



Hi i want to buy a new dvd writer as i am not happy with the one i have which is a liteon 832s. I live in the uk so the most popular disk i come across have the ritek dye. So im looking for a writer that burns ritek disks well.

any help would be great

Thank u


Really what it comes down to is user preference and quality of the particular batch of media you get. Memorex (whic uses the Ritek dye) DVD+R are good with my 1653S, but I have made coasters out of some. Like said before, user preference and media quality are really what its about.


For Ritek DVD-R’s do NOT but a LiteON. I have a Pioneer 109 and it works okay. I usually get PIF’s of 2/3 every 100 MB or so and somtimes spikes of 5.

Check out the other forums to see what the other burners are like with Ritek.


Deffinitely either a NEC or Pioneer for G04/5 media.


Pioneer 108 with 1.18 Gradius FW
Pioneer 109 with 1.40 Fw
I use the 108 to rip @ 12x and the 109 to burn with no probs

Does anyone know if the Sony 510A with 1.1 FW was a rebadged Lite-on or a Sony build? Thanks


DRU-500A, 500AX, and 510A are Sony-designed. Before 500A, all Sony DVD writers were Ricoh. After 510A, Sony outsourced to Lite-On IT.


Thanks Kenshin,
Wow that was a quick reply! I guess I will have to carry on using the Sony DSS Drive Speed Select to speed up rips to 8x


I was quick then because I clicked this thread to read rdgrime’s post which then was the last post of this thread, but there was your post right under his already. :slight_smile: Pure chance.

BTW, I still have DRU-500AX. It was my second Sony DVD writer. I’d like to have DRU-720A but Sony price is too high in South Korea whether it’s TV, camera, or DVD writer. :frowning:


why buy a burner around media, u should buy a burner then get better media, unless u got 1000 blanks then i can see why, but get a good burner that works good for u

i would never buy a burner for a certain kind of media


It makes perfect sense. A drive costs about the same as 3-4 spindles of media. If you can only find certain media in your area, get whatever will burn that media well. No point in getting something that will only waste media.


true true, i didnt think that way, i liv in the usa, i guess i am lucky in that sesne then