Best DVD Writer for MKM...001 writing?

As the topic reads, I am interested in purchasing a burner for backing up my dvd’s with Verbatim’s +R DL dvd’s.

I currently use the NEC 3540A burner with the newest liggy and dee firmware (1.W8) does this produce quality burns?
Should I buy a different burner, the pioneer 110?

Can someone please let me know, thanks!!!

Will this work correctly over IDE to usb2.0?!?!?


Just read the reviews of those burners and you’ll know.

I’ve read all reviews of the drives those considered as “great”, BenQ 1640, Pioneer 110D, NEC 3540…etc.

But all the reviews just show only one implementation, only one firm was tested.
For instance, Dee just review 3540 with official 1.01 firmed.

Different firm have distinct behaviors, so I know 3540 can do the best(according to the PIE and PIF scan by Kprobe) with 1.01 when compared to the other drives with certain firm.
But how about with 1.W8? Meanwhile the other drives got upgrades too.
The game will change dramatic with different firm, IMO.

The matter I’d like to know is the best drive+best firm.

There are no different strats or updated strats included for DL media.

I just check 3540’s firm revision, it’s listed here.

Then just read the reviews.
You will never ever find “A BEST drive”, because there is none.

this might be what you’re looking for!!!

This may be off topic here but it may help you, CloneCD from Slysoft just came out with a new program version, it address the layer break problem in burning DVDs, yes I mean CloneCD not CloneDVD2, it burns DVDs that do not need to be compressed on the fly perfectly. The version is just out yesterday, the changelog tells it all. I burned MKM001 with it and I got a much better burn after the layer break, which is where all my problems were.

alan, thx for the information.

today I burned a MKM 001 and got such result

maybe I should go for a BenQ 1650 for my DL archive.

would someone (maybe you alan) be able to check my nero disc quality if I were to post them or pm them to someone?

Thats pretty darn good, my friend, you should be very happy.

I would be glad to help, Just post them in .png format.

This is one, done with the newest liggy and dee firmware for 3520A 2.U4
is this any good?
what’s with the one spike to 20?
will this dvd last a lifetime as the company (verbatim) claims?
Is an overall quality score of 76 good?

More scans to come with my 3540A (it’s ide-usb in an enclosure, will be using this weekend).

Thanks alan!

Here’s another scan with my 3540A in the USB enclosure, is this good, can anyone answer me?

Looks good. :wink: