Best Dvd-Writer for console backups (dvd-r)? (help, i'm lost, too much data..)



i read ton and tons of forums,
and i’m still not sure what to choose.

i want a dvd writer able to burn dvd-r readable for xbox & ps2,
and dvd-video readable by my home dvd player without freeze/jump

my dying pioneer 105 did everything right,i bought a pioneer dvr-109, and it does not work for xbox with -r & +r (my xbox support -r only it seems). someone told me a wayaround, but i just want to change because i’m upset.

the benq 1620 has very good review, but someone has problem with ps2 backup

the nec3520 has good review in french forum, less good in cdfreaks, seems that it burns ok, but the transfer rate curves are not perfect and i fear it is not the best for dvd-video & my home dvd player

the pioneer 108 seems good, but it seems its real performances are not those announced (more a x12 than a x16 writer)

So i’m just lost, except for the 108, i do not know if other writer can make xbox and ps2 backup with dvd-r

Thank you for any help


well i wouldn’t say that this is the best drive ever but i have a lite-on 832s, it burns media that plays perfectly in xbox and my standalone, i usually use good quality ritek r02’s (+r’s) with booktype setting on. It also depends on what drive your xbox has, take a look here and post back what make you have

there are much better drives out there i’m sure but thats just what works for me.