Best DVD Writer, For CD-R's



I am looking for a DVD Writer // CD Writer combo, thats the best at writing CD’s.

I’m trying to back-up my original’s software wise onto FujiFilm TY CD-R’s, so I’m looking for the best CD writer I can get…

Thanks for any comments or suggestions, much appreciated. Storm



see if you can get a LG 4163 or 4167. They are outdated, but excellent with TY CD-R.



:iagree: - my BenQs don’t do too badly either, but good luck finding one :eek:

Also, for CDs, the NEC 4551 is a good one, especially for audio - in my experience, anyway :slight_smile:


The LG GSA-H22N loves TY CD media also, like most current burners really. But generally I’d recommend buying a BenQ 1650/1655, if you can still get one. Burn quality is very good, not just with TY CD media, and in addition to that, you get a reliable CD scanner as well.


With exception of Liteon drives, these are “kings of jitter”, and my SHM-165P6S mistreated TY CD-R really bad :frowning: I haven’t checked if newer firmwares were improved in that subject.



I guess ill stay away from Lite-On’s I used to be told they where awesome for CD’s especially, according to you guys they aren’t…

I guess ill go for another BenQ, my BenQ 1655 according to its transfer speeds and quality scans doesn’t like cd’s that much, it likes dvd’s tho.

There not that hard to find, just gotta know what the stores are selling it as. Just waiting for it to go on-sale and ill probably get a BenQ, if no one suggests me anything else.

Thanks Storm~


Liteon old series such as 812S, 1653S does pretty good at burning CDR.
Newer series, 5S/6S, 18A1P, they does DVD very excellent, but they tend to treat CDR badly.

My best CDR burner was NEC 4551, though not a acceptable DVD burner, a very good CDR writer.
Besides, NEC’s reading ability is better than Liteon newer ones. I recommend NEC just for CDR.

For example, my DW1800/165P6S ruined my Metal AZO dye Mitsubishi CDRs. NEC 4551&Liteon 832S did pretty excellent at 24/32X.