Best DVD writer for backing up XBOX games



Which burner burns X-Box games the best? Does it really matter, since all the burner is doing is writing an image file to the disc? (Since you FTP the game files from XBOX to PC, the make image out of that). That’s my main reason for wanting a DVD writer is to backup XBOX games. Does the drive really matter for that?


Put a Big HDD in and copy the game to it thats the best way to backup a game and
it cut the loading time down heepz
but if you want to burn them you need a program to makes Xbox dvd images like CloneXB or XXXISO



My liteon 811s works fine.

And don’t use anything other than craxtion with gdfimage, all the others make bad images that will increase loading times and possibly ruin the copy.


I use SimpleXiso with an Nec 1300a or aCyberdrive DX082D and have had no problems with - or + media. My Xbox does have a Samsung drive though, so you could have different results with the other drives they use.


How do I find out what kind of drive my Xbox has?


Go to and check out the tutorials. They are the ultimate source for everything xbox.

If you end up having a Samsung Xbox DVD drive, you will need a DVD-R burner or will have to put up with bitsetting every burn if you use a DVD+R burner.

If you have a Philips Drive, DVD-R is good, but some DVD+R work fine as well.

If you have a Thompson (I feel sorry for you), try DVD+R first, and then DVD-R.

In the end, your best bet is to get a dual format burner and be safe either way (and prepared for whomever wins the “format wars”)

I have a Plextor 504A (+) which my Thompson loves. I also have a new NEC 2500A (+/-) which I got for my PS2, but haven’t tried yet.

BTW: (shameless plug) if anyone needs an xbox or PS2 modded, just email me and I would be happy to hook you up!


I had a Phillips drive in my xbox until I killed it tweaking the laser tring to improve DVD+RW reading. I then replaced it with a Thompson drive. I have used every burner in my list for my games and only have problems when using very, very cheap media with one of the burners(plextor). Its going to be more important that you used decent media than which burner you get.

Also what tankertux said about the Samsung drive and +R is true. You wont see those +R bitsetting needs with the Phillips or the Thompson usually.