Best DVD VCR Combo?

first off i hope this is in the right section, i think it is because it IS hardware, but its not for a computer… so maybe general chat would be better? oh well move if needed :slight_smile: …

Ok, as of yet, our family still does not own a DVD Player. I have outfitted both computers with DVD Players, but we need one for our family room (a dvd player thats not connected to a computer in any way, its only connected to the tv)

Coincidentally our VCR is also broken, so we were going to just buy a DVD VCR combo.

Ok, now for your part in the process :slight_smile:

Do you know of any arguments against buying a combo drive (i mean if one part, like the VCR, breaks, then its a problem, but does that happen?)… is there any downgrade in quaLity fora combo? If there is, then we can buy them seprately.

Also, if the combo is ok, which one would be a good idea to get. I am looking for somethin relatively cheap, so $150 would be the absolute max i would be willing to go. I will buy online happily from ecost, newegg, amazon, but would rather goto a store like best buy if possible. (just tell model if you dont know where to buy at)

If combo isnt good, which dvd player would be best to get, i would look for a limit of $100 on a DVD only unit.

Preferably i would like to be able to play SVCD/VCD (not quite sure what difference it makes, aside from quality) on the DVD player (so i could burn stuff to watch, because i dont have a dvd burner)

Also, if you dont know the BEST, post about your experiences… which one did you buy (because you probably have one by now, im probably one of the last people to get one :slight_smile: )… did you regret your decision? anything you dont like about it?

Thanks for all your time, and hope i get lots of help :slight_smile: