BEST DVD to MPEG2 DIRECT conversion program?! - MPEG Streamclip Audio level issue



Ok, so I have searched for hours through hundreds of forums, and tried countless programs, and the only one I am even somewhat satisfied with for what I want to accomplish is MPEG Streamclip, however, i have run into an issue with even it. First, I will explain what i am attempting to accomplish:

I wish to convert my 100+ DVD collection to my multi-terabyte HTPC, in the native DVD MPEG2 video format, with no recoding, just a straight conversion from VOB to MPEG2. This way, I do not have to tweak Media Center to play them, and the ripping process will be very quick. I do not care about saving space, I have a bottomless pit of space, and am willing to (and have space inside my chassis to) upgrade eventually even if I ever do run out of space, but I have room for over 200 DVD-9’s right now. So please, do not lecture me about MPEG4 or DivX or any alternative formats, I do not wish to recode, I have wasted enough time, and am just not satisfied with even high quality results, and bottom line, it just takes too long. Thus why I am almost satisfied with MPEG Streamclip…

And yes, I am using AnyDVD to bypass the copyright, but I own the DVDs, and it is for my personal use/convenience (ironic, after all this work, convenience) only. I wish to be able to store my discs away, and just have the files in my HTPC. AnyDVD was a must for this, sorry if you disagree with it.

MPEG Streamclip has the option, unlike any program I have run across so far, to convert a DVD straight to an MPEG2 File, UNSCATHED, which takes about ten minutes! Since no recoding/encoding is necessary, this speed is great, plus I can run two at once, with two drives, and I do not have to set any preferences, since it is the NATIVE DVD! I was thrilled when I found this, and immediately began ripping DVD after DVD to my HDD. I was like a kid in a candy store, but it was too good to be true…

When I finally began to play an entire movie file back, I noticed the volume level was extremely low, far lower than the original DVD. So much so, that on my 550W speaker system, at a max volume of 50, the videos are basically inaudible below 20, and even at 50, are about what 25-30 is with the actual DVD.

I cannot figure out how to increase the audio level output of mpeg2 files with Streamclip. Basically, if someone knows how to do that, then my problems are solved, and you are my hero.

It’s odd both that the option to increase the audio level is not available, yet it is with every other file type export, and that the directly converted files’ audio is not directly equal to the DVD itself, this does not seem to make sense to me, but regardless, it is a problem.

If there is another program that can accomplish this exact same task, at NATIVE DVD resolution, size, bitrate, etc, in the MPEG2 format, please let me know, and if anyone has heard of this issue or knows how to edit the sound level with MPEG Streamclip, please notify me. I am at my wits end, it seems someone should have this “conquered” by now…

Thanks for any and all help, I greatly appreciate it.


Use DVD Decrypter in IFO mode, with ‘File Splitting’ set to “None” in the IFO tab under Settings. Then when finished ripping, change the file extension of the resulting single file from .vob to .mpg :slight_smile:


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[QUOTE=imkidd57;2078697]Use DVD Decrypter in IFO mode, with ‘File Splitting’ set to “None” in the IFO tab under Settings. Then when finished ripping, change the file extension of the resulting single file from .vob to .mpg :)[/QUOTE]

Hey, thanks for helping! However…

I have already read the thread on that whole process, and tried what you described myself, and I ran into the same issue that the other guy did, where I cannot fast forward or skip around in the file, and furthermore, I still get the same low-level audio issue. I have tried this with both programs (Encrypter and Streamclip) on two computers, and MPEG Streamclip comes out on top with the least amount of issues and work involved. Could it perhaps be the Vista audio codecs? both PCs I’ve used have Vista…

Thanks for your help!


If you don’t mind using VLC as the player or mounting files in daemon you could rip them to ISO files and then you’d have the menus and extras in an exact replica of the original. If you want just the movie, since you have AnyDVD, you might try VOB2MPG.
Beware, if you store it as an MPEG2 file you do lose chapters.


Yeah, I kinda do mind, I don’t want to have to mount the movies all the time, that’s just as inconvenient as getting up off the couch and putting the movie in, haha. Whenever I use VOB2MPG, it get a bunch of MPGs… it supposed to do that? Also, when I hit the “3rd” button, the one to start the conversion or whatever, it says that ffmpeg has stopped working. I looked in the directory, and that program is in there along with VOB2MPG… how vital is it? Could that be the reason I am getting multiple MPGs? Thanks so much!