Best DVD to MPEG ripper tool?

Hey, I’ve been ripping some performance dvds to mpeg, but for some reason certain dvds have audio skips in certain points. PC performance is not in question because it does it both on my pentium D rig and my a64 rig. both have good dvd drives.

I’ve been using aoa dvd ripper to rip straight to mpeg or avi. both formats have this problem. Is this because of copy protection or poor ripping software? if its poor software then what do you guys reccomend?

What brand of media are you using?

No media im just ripping dvds to my harddrive.

Hi and be welcome!

Just wondering: to what kind of MPEG are you trying to rip? As DVD is already MPEG2 video, you could (possibly) settle with an application that rips just a selected stream from a DVD to your harddrive. If that is what you want, I really recommend DVDDecrypter in the StreamProcessing mode. Although that awesome piece of software is discontinued, you can still get it on the web. Have a look here:
. Yes, it’s for free and it’s legal!

If this is not what you want/need, let us know :slight_smile:

well dvd decripter just transfers over the VOB files. im looking for something that converts to mpeg3 compression so that it would be easily viewable in media player by anyone. Im a pc technician at a retail store so i can understand most everyhting. i just need someone to point me in the right direction because im too lazy :stuck_out_tongue: