Best DVD to MKV

Hey Guys

I’m trying to convert DVD ISO Images I have to MKV. The DVDs have multiple video with two audio stream and a sub. I want to keep both audio as well as the sub (The video is a anime).

So basically I would like to find the best program that I can use to select which parts of the DVD to convert. I would like to compress the video with Xvid and the audio tracks with OGG Vorbis (Unless you have a better suggestion) and use Matroska as the container.

I’m aiming to compress the DVD Images without losing to much video quality nor one of the audio tracks and sub. So any other suggestions is cool too.


I think your best bet would be MeGui.

Look through the guides and the wiki documents. There is a forum over at doom9 with an enormous amount of information on it:

Thanks Kerry56. I appreciate it.

Any other alternatives to compare/explore?

You could look at Xvid4PSP. Don’t be put off by the name, as it can convert to many different formats.

I don’t think it has a setting for Ogg Vorbis though. AAC, AC3, MP2, MP3 or PCM would be the normal choices with it.