Best dvd to burn iso



hi, im new to this site and i need some advice.

Okay so im trying to burn a ps2 iso into a dvd. Im stuck on choosing the best brand and what type of dvd to buy, like for example: should i buy the dvd+r or the dvd-r (don’t know what the difference is).

Thanks for any info, thanks :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums xiadas!

For my PS2 backups, I have found that Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-Rs work the best. You can get them here if you are located in the USA:|

Some burners can burn these disks at speeds higher than 8x but don’t if you want them to be reliable in your PS2


Honestly most modern media will work well, its just a matter of having a good burner and even better is to have more than one burner because they all handle media differently. Also burn speed will affect quality. Learn how to test the quality of your burn with CD Speed 2000, wow I just checked and they’ve changed the name and are charging money for it. Their should be sites out there where you can get the free version of ‘CD speed 2000’. When you burn the disc you want to use IMGburn (its free).

edit: this is a good deal for +R media Verbatim 4.7GB 16X DVD+R 100 Packs $22 shipped.


If the backup is not a proper and valid one, even the best media will not help.

So in case the burn fails, try to create a new backup.