Best DVD software?

wussup? i was wondering if u guys can reccomend me a good dvd software that can create data dvd’s, convert mpegs or avi to a dvd movie and make and customize dvd menu’s???

There is no ‘Best’. These kind of questions have been asked and answered thousand of times. Spend some time perusing these forums and use the ‘search’ and start reading.

Nero 6 can do the whole lot for you. But whether it is the best is another matter. To me it is up to the job and you can get it as a bundled software with DVD writers. I don’t ask for more. :slight_smile: :wink:

I also like nero for dvd/cd burning

does nero have any troubles with codecs or will it burn pretty much anything that windows media player will play

i tried nero but i keep getting burn errors

Try NTI CD&DVD Maker 6.7, free trial at

any links