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Is there a particular brand of dvd software that will decrypt, shrink, & allow you to include closed captions or subtitles? I’ve used AoA DVD Creator for a recent download from Frostwire, and the audio did not make the video. It was out of sync. I’m also having problems locating files after I download & clear with Frostwire. Is there a particular folder that you should save downloads to that is easier to find?


Rip the disc to your hard drive with RipIt4Me, Shrink with DVD Shrink, and burn with ImgBurn. All are free, and all are excellent programs. You’ll have no problems with audio or subtitles.


Well it depends are you looking for freeware that does that or to purchase software that does that? If you want to give anydvd and clonedvd a try they have 21 day trials to see if you like them. You will loose some image quality when compressed with clonedvd but if you can live with it then its up to you as it will compress dvd+9 to dvd+5 or 8.4G to 4.7G.


And you might also try the demo of DVDFab; pretty nice all in one program for sure.


IMO, DVD Decrypter is still king for deCSSing and ripping even though it hasn’t been in development for a while. In fact, it is part of the guts behind the aforementioned ripit4me- which is really just an automated front end for a number of freeware products. DVDFab Decrypter is a freebie that handles the arccos protected titles that DVD Decrypter can’t handle (5-15% of all DVDs coming out nowadays).

DVD Shrink is fast and gives OK quality for a transcoder, but if you care about image quality even a little and have a CPU that’s newer than 4 years old, the free version of DVD Rebuiler is the way to go. You can use Quenc or HC encoder for free; both will blow DVD Shrink out of the water at anything more than minimal compression levels. CCE is even better, but costs $50 for the basic version.

Aside from purchasing CCE or the paid version of DVD Rebuilder, there’s no real reason to spend any money at all. Some people love AnyDVD, but unless you are extremely limited for HD space or are maybe uncomfortable using daemon tools, there’s no justification for spending money when the freeware tools are so competent and mature.


I have Roxio & Nero. The problem is after I use Frostwire or Ares to download a movie. I specify sending it to a folder, say C:My Documents/DVD’s. When I open Roxio or Nero and try to “add” it to Burn it’s not there. What am I missing?


Hi, I’m new to the forum. So I will make my question as short as possible.
I have purchased 360 share pro in the past. Then I Purchased Limewire so I could download legally. But it sounds like that is not the case. I have been trying to copy dvds we have to make backup copies using Nero but the dvd
stops about a third of the way through. I also purchased dvd energy and was totally confused. I am learning and I have tried to investigate on my own but I just don’t know what is legal? and how to make a copy that won’t freeze.
thank you have a great day.


Some or most of these downloaded are protected movie or video that is why the process stop one way or another. If you have these videos downloaded legally then you can use “RipIt4Me” program to rip, encode and remove the protection and then write it in DVD Disk.


Thank You For The Info .


What is the best ripper that is out there? I can deal with DVD Fab Decrypter, or Magic DVD Ripper, but I was just wondering if there was a better one out there?



DVDFab Decrypter is the last of the free decryption/ripping programs that will be updated. RipIt4Me has been killed off this month.

You might try AnyDVD. It isn’t free, but it is a great tool for breaking encryption. Since it does all the work getting rid of the encryption and any extra copy protection schemes that have been added, you are free to use whatever ripping program you want. AnyDVD plus DVDShrink or DVDDecrypter works very well.




My favorite ripper is DVD Shrink.


Tell me if I am wrong but didn’t users say in other postings that Anydvd wasn’t working with dvdshrink? If that is the case why advocate using those two programs together? Also a program you pay for is support more better then a freeware that leaves you to wait til the programmer(s) feel they need to update their software-also you get limited support from the writers. At least with purchased software you have tech and software and customer support to reach more reliably. What you think is no justifiction isn’t the same for other people who purchase software?


Myself I love DVDFAB Platinum, it is truely a one step process,(rip, shrink,burn) plus you get free updates for life not like some that you have to rebuy every 2 years or so, plus it is updated anytime a little change comes up not like some of the others that you have to wait for, you can d/l it and try it free for 30 days. But then again everybody has their favorite. Oops and DVDFAB has a great forum on here


I use DVDShrink quite often with AnyDVD and it works just fine for me. DVDDecrypter also works with it.

As to paid vs free software, there has been a tremendous community of programmers who have come out with free software for decryption/ripping purposes over the last few years, all the way back to DVDJon and his group. The support for these tools wasn’t lacking, but the media industry has shut many of them down. The author of DVDShrink saw it coming and got out early, it is true, but as a decryption tool it had been surpassed by DVDDecrypter anyway. Macrovision forcibly took over Decrypter, and someone has recently shut down RipIt4Me and FixVts. The free tools haven’t lacked support. What they lack is enough money to fight corporations to continue to exist in most Western countries.

The only reason we have the DVDFab and AnyDVD products is because they are located in countries where the media companies have less influence and the laws are more lenient.


Well spoken Kerry :slight_smile:


I use Apollo DVD Copy. Works great for me. I use Ripit4Me any time Apollo wont copy the dvd which is 1/10 of the the time. Pretty good odds.


But the only thing is that Ripit4Me is gone by the wayside just like DVD Decrypter did (no more updates) so down the road it won’t work anymore :frowning:


The RipIt4Me is not capable to remove the protection from some of the newest DVD (The Queen) with the newest protection code, and you need AnyDVD or similar continuous updated program to deal with these new protection coding.