Best DVD Software

I was trying to copy ‘The Spongebob Squarepants Movie’ today.

First i uesd DVD Shrink, but we all know, DVD Shrink is too old.
Then i tryed to copy the movie with DVDFAB(not the free version, one of my favourites) but it didn’t work, it freezed at maybe 20-30%.
Then i tryed copying with ‘Super Clone DVD’ but it didn’t work also.
The last thing to do was trying with Clonedvd v3.9.1.0( not the one from slysoft) and it worked perfect.

BTW: I tryed today to copy ‘Mulan’ with ‘AnyDVD’ & ‘CloneDVD’ but it did not work, gonna try with CloneDVD. :iagree:

I’m not a professional about DVD Software but i think the Best DVD Copy program is CloneDVD from DVD X Studios. But maybe i’m wrong, correct me if so.

So People if you want to buy a good program, don’t give your money for AnyDVD & Clonedvd2 and other stuff.
Just take CloneDVD(from X studios) or DVDFAB Express. :bow:

dvdfab express is the best, but i give money to no one. i try before i buy. also :Z dvd shrink in played out, :Z dvd 43 isn’t any better in my opinion.

You’re wright first try and then buy, but anyway these to prohrams are the best.

Respect for DVD Shrink, if it was updated i’m sure it would be my favourite. :bow:

I use this sequence!

Auto burn into Nero or Decrypter

Here is a good guideline for ya.

If you are going to burn to single dvd’s (DVD-5), where you have to edit movies to make them fit on the disk, then I would suggest using DVD Shrink + Nero, Nero Recode or CloneDvD

If you are going to burn to dual layer dvd’s (DVD-9), where you are doing a one to one copy, then I would suggest DvD Decrypter or DeFab Decrypter.

If your movies are small enough to fit on a single layer doing a one to one copy then move to the dual layer options for burning. I would also suggest having AnyDVD on hand as well.

:cool: :cool:

My preferred method also. :iagree:

Although, on another PC, I have just Shrink and Nero, and Shrink hasn’t tripped up with the backups I’ve made on that (yet).