Best DVD shrinking program

What is the best DVD shrinking, I have used DVDXCopy for a while, but am wondering if there is a better app out there, that works just as good. I am not a newbie, I just want to know everyones opinion on this, and if this becomes a heated topic, maybe it may be stickied.

Windows XP
Lite-on SOHW Single layer

DVD Shrink!

Oh, yes! You can get much better output than DVDXcopy.
Download DVDShrink and DVDDecryptor.
They work together and it’s like using one program.
Both are free.
Temporarily turn off your anti-virus and install in that order.
Have the output from DVDShrink automatically sent to DVDDecryptor for burning. It’s very easy to choose DVDDecryptor as the “target.”
There are a variety of quality options available. You can leave them off for speed, or turn on the dual pass feature if you own a HD TV or projector. A special “smooth [motion] video” feature is also included that is good for action movies.
DVDShrink can do a fast job of entire disc or main movie only (reauthor icon, drag main title from right to left box). At your option, it can also do a slow job for a minor quality boost.
When DVDDecryptor is selected as the output for DVDShrink, they will simply trade places on your screen without any bother.
There are two icons you should know about in DVDDecryptor’s burning module. The little book icon in the far right will let you adjust the bitsetting for +R media. For some older set top DVD players and many game consoles, you can record a +R as a factory fresh DVD-ROM disc. Recording +R as +R can sometimes go faster, but it’s your option and it’s easy.
And of course, the large, hard drive>>CD icon is what you click to have it burn a nice perfect copy.
As an additional benefit, you can have DVDDecryptor leave the .ISO (disc copy output from Shrink) on your hard drive to make additional copies, or you can have the .ISO automatically deleted (very easy, check the little box on the burn screen), which it will do only if the copy is created successfully.

Your current product, DVDXcopy includes the Pattin Couffin driver that may slow down your computer. It is especially troublesome if installed while an anti-virus product is active. This can be eased (not cured) by setting the antivirus product to not start with windows, and not start at boot; uninstalling; rebooting; reinstalling DVDXcopy; rebooting; running DVDXcopy; rebooting; and re-enabling your anti-virus program. Properly installed, the VSO driver won’t interfere with your computer more than about 8% or so.
VSO’s Pattin Couffin driver can make your computer have intermittent slowdowns and visible video glitches on DVD writer output. This, of course, does not apply to all installations of the VSO products, but is a frequently reported problem. As for me, I uninstalled DVDXcopy and the VSO Pattin Couffin slowdown driver left with it. I inspected the Device Manager just to make sure that this troublesome VSO thing was gone.

The DVDShrink+DVDDecryptor combo is producing fantastic results for me.

If your into forking out the cash, you cant go past Any DVD and Clone DVD.

I got some money saved for an app if needeed.

shrink is free
if you don’t have nero I would recommend that also


I use a combo of Anydvd (try for 21 days free - then $39 @ and a cheapo version of InterVision DVD Copy ($11 @ and it works with just one click - have never not been able to copy a movie up to 9.4gb to one disc with outstanding results (using good media like Ritek and Taiyo Yuden) - and my current setup rips and burns in 30-40 minutes depending on movie size-

Best $50 I have ever spent!!!


Bigmike, your post contradicted yourself a litte, you said you were never able to duplicate/compress a DVD will good results with that combo…

I also have Nero 6

Definitely start out with the Shrink/DVD Decrypter combo. If nothing else it will give you a benchmark for what to expect. Give the trials of AnyDVD and Clone DVD a shot as well. IMHO while clone DVD and Any DVD are good programs (work great for TV Episodes) they just don’t quite add up to the $65 expense. If you really want to go for the absolute best in quality and don’t mind spending some more money, then go for the DVD-RB/CCE combo.

Yo Salty85-

Please reread what I said “…never not neen able to copy a movie…”


I’ll second that recommendation. With the recent release of the ILVU/Multiangle version, DVD Rebuilder can handle anything you can throw at it.

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