Best DVD+RW media for BenQ 1620?

I am looking for some good quality 4X DVD+RW media for burning backups that must hols at least a year on DVD+RW because they will be updated between 6 and 12 months after been burned.

The must popular media is without doubt the RICOHJPNW11 sold as many marks (here in Norway found as That’s Write and Sony). My experience with this media is mixed, some hold pretty well and a Sony disc that I have has started to give the infamous NO ADITIONAL SENSE INFO (000) error in CD-SPEED after 8 months of been burned (only one time), I was lucky to have a backup of that info in another place. I full erased the disk and now cd speed says that the quality is 50-60% :Z

These are some of the disks that I can find here beside the That’s Write:

Datasafe 4,7gb 4x DVD+RW 10pk Cakebox

Verbatim DVD+RW 4.7GB 4X Jewelcase (Pack 5 units)
Manufacturer ID : [MKM]
Media Type ID : [A02]

Benq, 4x, DVD+RW, 5 pack
Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+RW:PHILIPS-041-000]

Your help and comments are greatly appreciated.

Verbatim MKMA02 ought to be good, as well as the new Sony S11 Made In Japan discs.

Sony S11? They sound interesting, but have not seen them here in Norway. Thanks for the info.

I got a SONY S11 today … (Made in japan)

While I am not impressed with the laminating in the hub … a big air bubble has appeared, it seems to burn quite well. I’ll post a scan of a second burn of a Sony S11 a little later.

PS. Japan made disks rock :slight_smile:

Ricohjpnw11 burns quite well in BenQ 1620, Verbatim MKM A02 does not, as many have reported here before. I have not tested Sony S11. Philips 041 works good for me also, but not for everyone.
All rw discs deteriorate when you re-use them. I would not rely on +rw for important data over a longer period of time, or at least make an extra backup, and use fresh discs.

I have just brought a Sony DVD+RW (SONY S11) … scan is at

I am quite impressed with this disk.

I have also used a Philips 041 disk, with mixed results (TDK DVD+RW 4x)

One thing I noticed with the Philips was that quality was really bad after I did a full erase on it with the benq. Since doing a full erase using the Pioneer 108, it seems to work ok.

I recommend tdk DVD+RW, good results with it.

Do you know that there is no Philips 041 strategy in BenQ 1620 B7V9 F/W? Haven’t checked other versions.

No actually … good point :slight_smile:

Fortuantely, DVD+RW phase change dye is all pretty much the same, so the same stratagy would write most disks fairly well.

My experience with the MKM A02 on my 1620 has been bad as well. They scan horrible (48% score) but oddly enough play in my standalone flawlessly. Anyone tried strat swaps with it yet?

I totally agree. I would not trust RW media for really important stuff.