Best DVD+RW for the Liteons?

I have had a nightmare with DVD+RW and the LDW-811. I don’t know if it is the drive or is it the media, but it is very extrange (have only tried RICOH media from Sony and That’s Write). Here is this thread for some info about the situation:

I need to know of reliable DVD+RW media for burning with the Liteon recorders. I need very good results for DATA backup. I apeal to your experience guys, as you can see the Kprobe scans of that RICOH disk were near perfect but after only some months the disk was unreadable.

RICOHJPNW11 works fine on my LiteOn411S (same hardware/very similar write strategy).
You may have just gotten a bad disc, which seems to be more common with DVDRW media…

It was the only 4x DVD+RW media I could get in bulk packaging.