Best Dvd rw drive for my machine



Hello could you lot recommend any good combo dvd drives for my machine.

the specs are as followed , Emachines,1.6ghz,500mb ram i think,40gb hard drive also with a samsung cd rom drive,bought this computer from pc world about 6 years ago and had a new motherboard fitted about 3 years ago,dont know which make or model.

I would like you take the cd/rom/cd burner drive out and upgrade it with a brand new dvd drive.

Are the LG or Phillips dvd drives from pc world any good ?

many thanks damian


LG make great drives and I’m a fan, but for the media you’re thinking of using (Maxell and something else?), I think you’d be better off with the LiteOn you mentioned…they tend to burn whatever is thrown at them, whereas LGs can be a bit picky there.

Philips can be anything…I’ve two Philips drives, one’s a BenQ and the other is a LiteOn…just with Philips’ name on. :wink: