Best dvd+r's to use with my lite-on drive?



Just wanted to know what would burn best with my lite-on drive?


I find my LiteOn 1693S tends to do quite well with CMC discs (Imation-branded)…TY media does very well…other than that, I use -R in my Litey.

Verbatim should be good. But if you’ve never used the media before, give the drive a few burns to “learn” the best way to write them.


I think i will get some verbatims


Whats the lifespan of verbatim discs?


I’d just like to add the my Litey likes both Prodisc and CMC, so if your Verbs are Made in Taiwan, they should work well, since CMC and Prodisc make Verbatim discs.

And Verbatim discs should last quite a long time. A lot longer than budget brands, or Ritek. :wink:

Although the above is pure speculation, you understand.


Media durability is not predictable. You can elong media durability only buying quality media and storing them properly, in single (possibly black) jewel cases, not piled up but like books on a shelf, and avoiding direct sunlight exposure. And also avoiding to touch with fingers burned surface, avoiding dust and trying to not scratch them.

Anyway, as said [B]Arachne[/B], is a pure speculation


Ok thanks


You’re welcome :slight_smile: