Best DVD ROM'S for Clone Cd

Can someone please advise me as to what is the best DVD Rom I can buy for use with Clone cd?

I would realy like a Toshiba DVD Rom, but they are not availiable in my country ( Australia ).

Does anyone have any information as to the next best DVD Rom to use?

According to the Lite On LTD 163 is very good! CloneCD compatibility, dae speed +quality, DVD ripping speed, price…everything is fine!
Read the test about the LTD 163, AOpen 1648 and Matshita SR-8586 here .


I 'll second that The Liteon is an excellent drive and should be available in OZ as the burner is

liteon is a very good DVD rom
you must get it
you can also read a review here

The Lite-On 163. Go for it. The Toshiba DVD’s are also recommended but the Lite-On 163 has a far better (read: faster) DAE speed and is faster with ripping encrypted DVD’s.

Does anyone know about the newer DVD Rom from lite on?
the LTD-165?

I would like to know if this is also Clone Cd compatible like the

Thanks to everyone involved in advance:D

I dont know of anywhere that sells LTD-165 yet. so stop asking about it and get a LTD-163!!! But yes LTD-165 is almost identical to 163 except for the fact that 165 can read DVD-RAM. Thats it.

PS. if you do know a place that sells LTD-165, please gimme the link!