Over the years I used different DVD media with different speeds (2X-16X). Now I have a big collection of DVDs that I would like to backup on hard drives since they cost less these days and for other reasons also! hard drives are not reliable, but I can live with that since BD and HD are either rare or expen$$$ive!!

Anyway, as expected my stupid NEC can not handle all of them, some DVDs can not be opened unless I used my old Pioneer A05!! So I am looking for that DVD-ROM/Writer which is more likely to read any media. I do not require a new DVD writer, DVD-ROM is OK if it is best to read my old/new DVDs…Your suggestions are highly appreciated…

thnx :slight_smile:

in my experience liteon DVD burners are some of the best when it comes to reading scratched/damaged/degraded/etc disks :slight_smile:

Yep, LiteOn or one of the latest Samsungs. Both my LH-20A1H and SH-S182D are champs at reading. :slight_smile:

Thnx :smiley: There are different LiteOn 20X drives, some IDE and others are SATA…can someone gives me an exact model?? For 20X do we need SATA, or IDE can do?

BTW, thnx for your patience… :smiley:

IDE is fine for 20x, my LH-20A1H is IDE and does 20x OK :slight_smile:

The IDE models are LH-20A1P (no LightScribe), and LH-20A1H (LightScribe).

I think there are some other models too, maybe someone else knows a bit about the model numbers :slight_smile:

Thnx … I’ll just pick what you suggested…and again thnx 2 both of u… :smiley:

no problem :slight_smile:
if you still have trouble with some of the disks you can also try downloading isobuster and run the trouble disks through it, it might take a long time if the disk is really bad (several hours or more) but 99% of the time it will be able to recover your data

EDIT: here is a link to their website :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :)…and try jwill’s suggestion, it’s a great program :wink:

If you can find BenQ DVD-ROM it is among one of the bes DVD-ROM interm of fast reading speed (Ripping)and taking any media.

sorry to bring this up again…i started testing isobuster…i am trying to recover a bad DVD…i will get back with the results…what was that bout the benq dvd-rom?? can i find one in the UK? online that is

thnx :slight_smile: