Best DVD-Rom to rip DVD-Movies




my good old “Toshiba SD-M1912” seems to die. I am searching a new DVD-ROM-Drive for ripping DVD-Movies.

It should have:

  • have fast dvd-ripping capatibility
  • can read DVD-RAM or better DVD-RAM2
  • possible silence when working

which one would be the best which i can get in germany?




Hi Peter “usmfreak”

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The cost of dvd writers is plumeting in the face of the next generation of dvd burners i.e. hd dvd and blu-ray.

With this in mind I think your question should be what DVD writer do I want for ripping dvd content :slight_smile:

For example I have a Liteon DVD/CD combo drive which does a great job at ripping, its extremely fast when the rip lock is removed it can read just over 16X and is region free when patched. This drive new will cost in the region of £20 + p&p

A decent 16X dvd+/- Dual layer & DVD ram burner with Light scribe, region free, riplock free will cost £10 - £15 more.

Food for thought :slight_smile: