Best DVD-ROM for ripping?

Apparently I’ve fried my Sony DVD-ROM. It seemed to be able to read all my DVD’s with DVD Shrink (except for some Sony ones), so it looks like I need a new DVD-ROM.

I was wondering if anyone has some suggestions on one that will give me not only great read speeds, but will also be very compatible with DVD Shrink/DVD Fab Decrypter and won’t choose not to read some DVD’s for whatever reason (riplock?).

A friend recommended an ASUS SATA DVD-ROM to me, any thoughts?

Thank you.

From what i heard, the Asus DVD-ROMs are currently the best, indeed. But you may consider getting a second DVDRW drive and using it as a reader as well.

Hmmm, out of curiosity what would be the reason to get an additional DVDRW?

It’s not much more expensive than a DVD-ROM drive, usually has better error correction than generic DVD-ROMs (althought the Asus ones may be an exception) and you have a back-up drive just in case your primary DVDRW dies.

Some people here have even 4 or more DVDRW drives and they use one for reading, one for burning, one for quality scanning, etc.

Hmmm… well, what’s your suggestion on a burner that will have superior read speeds/quality as well as compatibility with DVD-ripping software?

Just about everybody is going to give you a different brand, mainly the brand they have and swear by, the best way is to do your own research for the brand and type that will suit your needs. Your other question why 2 burners well I read with one and burn with the other that way I don’t have to be around to install a blank media when it gets ready to burn. Can go do other things and when I come back it’s all done :bigsmile:

Also there are burner forums here where you can go and just read up on the various burners, at the bottom right hand side of the page there is a drop down box called forum jump scroll through it and you will see the burner forums Good luck

The general problem with DVD burners is, that reading speed and quality almost never go hand in hand. For example my Samsung SH-S182D is able to read even the most scratched discs, but reading speed is locked to 12x on single layer and 8x on double layer media. On the other side NEC/Optiarc drives are said to be very fast, but their error correction is awful.

Reading speed is always slower than writing speed besides speed isn’t what really counts it’s the quality of the burn that counts most, just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Well, one thing I learned about LG drives after buying two of them…

They won’t support quality checks in Nero. Thank goodness I still have my trusty Lite-On!