Best dvd-rom for ripping and error scan?

I’m wondering what you guys would recommend as the best
liteon dvdrom for general ripping and error detection?
I currently have an old pioneer dvd which is slow and won’t
seem to work for error detection at all(with CdSpeed).
I’m looking for something pretty cheap, say $30.

Either the 166S or 167T. The 166S is a proven, quality drive. The 167T is probably just as good, if not better, but very little is known about it since it’s very new. They both cost in the ballpark of $30 (see

Neither drive is recommended for error scanning (use a DVD-writer for error scanning). Though there are people who claim that the 167T is better at error scanning. But DVD-ROM drives were never really suited for the error scanning task…

Really? I thought all liteon drives were good for error reporting.
I have a Nec 2500A writer and it can’t be used for error scanning
at all.

Thanks for the info.

Well, they all can be used for error reporting. But that doesn’t mean that their results always mean much. The results are much more meaningful is a DVD-writer is used to report errors for DVDs and if a CD-writer is used to report errors for CDs. DVD-ROMs can report errors (which I guess is much better than no error report). But the results are often not as meaningful.

More on DVD-ROM scanning can be found here.

My LiteOn JLMS XJ-HD166S is a very good ripper

doesn’t Nero CD/DVD speed work well w/ dvd-roms ? that could be used instead of K’s Probe to scan and analyze disks.

Erm, you’ll still have the same problems as before. Error reporting is not done by software, but by the drive.