Best DVD-ROM for reading scratched discs

I’m buying a new DVD-ROM drive, but I would like to know which is the best drive out there for reading discs with scratches etc.

I’m using a Sony DDU1612 and I get lots of errors whilst buring 1:1 copies with Alcohol or decrypting with DVD Decrypter.

Since no one else has answered I’ll give my input, not sure if it will help. I have a liteon 16p9s that is one of the most popular dvd-roms right now, mainly because of it’s speed but it is a decent reader too. My aopen burner is by far my best reader when it comes to damaged/scratched disks. It is suposed to be a very good (2 sheep if I am not mistaken) cd burner too, though I cannot confirm that as I burn very few cd’s. With dvd, it is not that good of a dvd burner, but like I said, it is a very strong dvd reader. It often reads disks none of my other drives can. It seems to have been a good reader for others too. Here is a thread on it (warning, it’s long).
There was an aopen dvd-rom that was suposed to be very good (1648 I think), but it seems to no longer be avalable (in the US anyway). Perhaps it is as good of a reader as the aopen burner is (there are a lot of older threads on it here if you search).
Sorry it’s not a solid answer but maybe some of that information can be of help to you.

I have read in previous posts myself here at CDF, that at one point anyway, Plextor was king of reading scratched music cd’s… this was a while ago but I am sure Plextor is still up there even now

I never owned a Plex drive but my Lite-on does more than a descent job and I knwo that my Toshiba is actually too good at reading scratches because it is very picky, it will freeze up and not wanan continue.

I’ve got a NEC 2500 (about 4 years old) that doesn’t read scratched disks that well.

I’ve got a Lite-On SHM-165H6S (3 yrs(?) old) that won’t read anything but the most pristine disks. I think there is something wrong with this drive. It won’t even read the drivecleaner disk most of the time. I wonder if I knocked the laser out of whack with the diskcleaner and I got it to work a few times and I ran it back and forth in there repeatedly trying to get the drive to read better.

I got a Lite-On LH-20A1H (2(?)years old) that reads the best of the three. It will definately read some disks the other two won’t. It still doesn’t read scratched disks well enough for my taste though. It will read well enough to play almost anything. It can’t rip a lot of scratched disks though with DVDD.

Any thoughts on what’s the best drive now for that, especially for DVDs?

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