Best DVD-ROM drive

Thanks. A fair ripper.

Yeah, The Aopen 1648 AAP/Pro with the hacked firmware seems to still be the champ but unfortunately there is no way to get one now (without being a refurb or a used one). I am trying to see if the folks at can’t get something going for this drive. Although some folks have had trouble with getting the Aopen to function properly after the firmware flash, this thing on the other hand works great right out of the box.


Just gotta say that both my BenQ 1640 crossflashed to EW164B and my NEC 3540 are kickass readers with curves similar to Jesterraces one above - but peaking at 12.5x and 12x respectively - not quite as fast as my old Aopen 1648/aap’s but damn close IMO


Speaking of Aopen 1648 AAP/Pro drives, does anyone know of a place in the US that might still have some old stock lying around? Also, does anyone happen to know the technical part number. I have seen some sites claiming that they carry it but then it turns out to be the 1648L or another 1648 model. As it is critical that I get the AAP/Pro, I just wanted to know if the follwing part is authentic: 91.4ED37.474

I have Plextor px-130A = BenQ 1650v…
See DVD video on 5 speed with CDSlow, and DivX - on 12x
But how do it work with CD-Audio?

The part number you want for the Pro is 91.4ED37.402 or 403 or 404. The Non Pro is 91.4ED37.001 or 002 so it looks like the above number is not what you want.

Listed retailers are here.

I have one (non-Pro) and it is fast but nothing I would consider worth worrying about if it were to die. I ususally find my 1620, 1693, or 16P9S are nearly as fast and faster on some discs. If you are really desparate send me a PM and we can work something out.

I’m not interested in the non-pro model. Doesn’t make much sense since my Asus would be pretty comparable to it. EDIT Would this be the right drive?

The reason why I am really interested in one is after seeing the CD/DVD Speed results in this thread:

There is virtually no difference in the rip speed between the Pro and non-Pro, but the drive you link looks right. I would verify with the seller as many here have had problems getting the wrong drive and this model has been unavailable for a long time. Most resellers think nothing of “upgrading” you to a current model.

Just remember, the max rips with this thing are few and far between. More often this drive slows due to errors and on even new disc the rip time for a full DL disc is around 12 minutes. I have found a number of other drives close to the same time on a rip so I consider the AOpen interesting but hardly phenominal. Unlike the peak tests, ordinary use is more reasonable as a measure of value, at least to me.

Hope it works out for you. For $25 I would consider it a good deal. If I had to pay more I would go for Liteon. Codeguys rule.

Well, that is good to know. My Asus E616A will stay then. It’s average isn’t much slower than 12 minutes. Not really worth taking the risk on a drive that may or may not be what it claims. I certainly got burned on the 1648L. A pretty decent drive but it’s ripping speeds are no where close to the AAP/PRO and as mentioned it isn’t so hot on error correction. The E616A on the other hand will even beat out Lite-On DVD-ROMs for error correction. I haven’t compared it to a Lite-On burner though.