Best DVD-ROM drive

Hi, i currently have a LG-4167B and a Toshiba SD-R2102. From my experience, i feel that the speed and reading quality of a DVD/CD burner, is no match for a dedicated DVD/CD -ROM drive. Thus, i am currently looking for another DVD-ROM drive that

-have a very strong Error-Correction
-is able to recover data from badly scratched/damaged disc
-is able to copy Audio CD with bit-for-bit accuracy
-is able to display C1/C2/PIE/? error rate

Any recommendations? thanks!

Looks like you have no other choice than a Liteon 16P9S, or a Aopen 1648

I have the 4 AOpen 1648’s and while they are excellent drives my BenQ 1640 is just as fast at ripping and is a better reader.

thanks! but what happened to Plextor? has their quality standerd dropped?

If you really want accurate scanning you will avoid ROM drives. Based on your needs I would go with a BenQ burner. They have had a very good reputation as a quality reader and I fall back on my 1620 when I have read problems and it usually pulls through.

Unfortunately they have a lot of quality control problems so be prepared for an RMA or two before you get a working drive.


i thought a new tosh dvd-rom would be best answer as the clone people like them

Which “new tosh dvd-rom” do you mean??

a vote for the Liteon 16P9S

i meant any tosh really not a special new one as such

and i’ve used one for such in the past

Toshiba 1612 and 1712 were good ones, 1802 and follow-ups couldn’t catch up to that quality…

A LiteOn 16P9S is a very good choice these days, especially after applying patched firmwares. :wink:

Okay but what about just ripping. I haven’t seen any new 1648s available here in the US for a while (I won’t touch a refurb). I really need a solid DVD-ROM for ripping as my Sammy 816B is taking a piss.

How about Plextor PX-130A and Asus DVD-E616A?

Plextor PX-130A

Asus DVD-E616A

I’m not fond of Plextor ever since I had that 116A that wasn’t compatible with a bunch of software. I did find an Aopen 1648L at tigerdirect. Is that drive as good as the regular 1648?

man!!! Plextor is really going down, no wonder they had to go to BenQ to supply drives for them!!!

CompUSA sells there own dvd-rom drive that is actually the aopen aap pro drive. However the firmware is 1.02, and not 1.04 if you can use a third prty flasher to update it then it is 44.99$ retail price. It also comes with the black face bezel for peoples needs. Being as this drive is no longer made reall by newegg widely avail., I think its kick ***. Just thought I would let ppl know it is still out there. Before a firmware to 1.04 flash I got it to do arond 14500 ripping in dvd shrink on a DL disc. let me know what ya think , or if the lite-on 16p9s would be a better buy? Dustin

I just got the Asus E616A and I have to say it is the fastest ripper that I have used to date. I have tried a Lite-On drive (an old 165), the Samsung 816B, The Aopen 1648L and this drive and the Asus wins hands down.

Be aware that there are also similar drives available, with different hardwares!


Yup, that is why you have to be sure to get the E616A model.

What is your max rip speed and what speed does it start at? Always looking for options when something dies. :slight_smile:

Here is a Nero CD/DVD Speed test:

Sorry about the small print. I hope it is legible.