Best DVD ripping software?

I’m just a bit new to the DVD ripping world and have a couple of questions.

First, I have a DVD-rom and want to rip DVD’s with the best quality possible and be able to put it on regular CDR. By what I’ read, I expect to be needing 2 CDR. I don’t necessarily want to be able to play it on a ragular dvd player, dvd-rom is just fine.

Second, I want to know what is the best DVD ripping software I can get. Freeware, demo, or to purchase, I don’t care. The dvd ripping software that will give me the best image and sound quality possible.

Thank you.

DVD Decrypter or SmartRipper,personally ,I prefer the first one…

cladDVD XP.

New MovieJack 3 version is out… See @

Very fast and very good quality - like TMpegEnc…!

Thanks man, I realy appreciate it

I’ve always liked Smartripper myself.

I personally like SmartRipper (downloads: 1283489), but make your choice here