Best DVD-ReWriter Single/Dual Layer

i’ve previously bought a LG GSA-H20L (ATA, internal, with LightScribe, denoted by H and L in the model version). i RMA’ed it and need to pick a new one now

it was a complete utter crap with Dual Layer media, namely with Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x (first write perfect, next 2 with errors (failure reading a few sectors), next and last 2 failed completly burning) and Ridisc DVD+R DL 2.4x (failed both)

with Single Layer media, i was able to burn 2 Verbatim DVD-R SL 8x, but still, with errors

seemed to write well (but didnt tested much) plenty of Verbatim CD-RW 2x/4x/24x and 2 Verbatim DVD-RW 6x

i also had issues reading DVD-ROM media. some crashed (like The inside Man) the applications (PowerDVD 3.0, PowerDVD 6.0, VLC 0.8x… rip-lock in action when ripping, even affecting my older LG Reader that never had this crash/rip-lock issues…

i use ImgBurn 1.0, Nero 6.6.0.x, CloneCD, DVD Decrypter 3.5.x, SmartRipper 2.41 and MS CDBURN.EXE for all the ripping/cloning/burning, and usualy, Verbatim media.

considering that i want a working DVD ReWriter to backup my original movie DVDs as DVD-+R DL (with bitsetting) and game CDs/DVDs as CD-R/DVD-+R SL (with bitsetting), plus ocasinaly write some temporary stuff on DVD-+RW/CD-RW… an as little as problems with rip-lock preferably, which Recorder should i get?

atm im considering LG GSA-H22N/L or the LG GSA-H12N/L, with LightScribe optional. i don’t want LS if it messes up the burns

ps: im totally confused with the story of Reneas and Panasonic chips on GSA-4163/b, GSA-4166/b, GSA-H20N/L, GSA-H10N/L, GSA-H22N/L, GSA-H12N/L - which chips work better, which do not. which are in which models… what to make of quality scans which i can not do… please, enlighten me

H20N/L and H22N/L use a Panasonic chip while all the others use a Reneasis chip.

As far as I can tell the H22N is an excellent DL burner. I have tested it with MKM001, RicohJPN-D01 and fake RicohJPN-D00. Actually the H22N is my only burner, who can cope well with these fake RicohJPN-D00 and delivers at least a clean TRT.