Best DVD Recorder

I was just wondering what the most liked stand alone dvd recorder for quality and such is at this point in time.

I wanna get a stand alone dvd recorder to transfer stuff from my DVR.

Any suggestions or opinions would be much appreciated.

Preferrably from a Local Store Walmart / BestBuy etc.

Thanks Storm

Anyone have any suggestions on what DVD Recorder to get at this point in time, i wanna transfer stuff from my DVR to a blank DVD.

Thanks Storm~

Any Panasonic recorder that takes your fancy and you can afford. If the places you want to buy it from actually sell Panasonic, more’s the good.

BTW, this is the Panasonic DVD Recorder and Player Forum. :slight_smile:

Can you check this out, I just bought my first stand alone DVD Recorder and I got a question on Panasonic.

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