Best DVD Recorder / VHS Combo

I was wondering if anyone could give me a recommendation for a DvD Recorder // VHS Combo, set top box for my TV.

I mainly wanna do 2 things with it, I wanna take stuff from my DVR and put it on a DVD. And second I wanna take VHS tapes and convert them to DVD’s.

So I would like anyone that has personally experienced a perticular DVD Recorder or has lots of knowledge about DVD Recorder // VHS Combo Set top boxs.

I would like to get it locally from either Walmart // Bestbuy // Circuitcity, so if you could recommend the best one I could get locally that wont mess up and of good quality.

Here are the links for DVD Recorder - VHS Combo

Or even the best just DVD Recorder set top box would also be a start, anything possible that you can tell me

Very much appreciated. Storm

I researched this a bit ago and decided to get a DVD Recorder as a separate unit from the VCR. I did that so I could put a Sima CT-200 between the VCR and the DVD Recorder so I could backup my legally purchased VHS tapes without having to worry about Macrovision protection problems.

I first got a Lite-On, but returned it and got a Panasonic DMR-ES15, which has worked very well in terms of quality.

I did look at getting a combo unit, but having separates gave me more flexibility.

A friend of mine has a recorder/vcr and both the recorder and tape portions have input/outputs so he just ran the output of the tape through the sima and then back into the recorder and told the recorder to record from the auxillary input . . . other combos don’t have this ability?

visit <a href=“” title=“VHS to DVD”>VHS to DVD</a> and transfer your home video tapes to dvd. You can get a pretty good conversion at a reasonable price from a lot of places. But what are most of these companies lacking? Care and attention to detail! Other ways you get totally amateurish product done with domestic equipment.

I have Pioneer DVR-R500 Combo (VHS/DVD) and have down so may DVD recording, conversion of VHS to DVD and also dubbing from VHS to DVD all and all everything has been great so far.