Best dvd recorder that can read DVD RAM?

I’ve been looking at the new NEC and BenQ drives with an aim to replace an old DVD Rom drive which is really good at reading damaged disks but is really noisy and really long and so pokes a good 5 inches out of my new case. It would go alongside my NEC 2500A as the new primary drive. So first requirement would be that it can at least stand a good chance at reading a damaged disk, I know my NEC 2500A can’t read anything that has more than a tiny scuff.

I also need to read (but not write) DVD Ram disks because the DVD Recorder my parents have at their place does all its editing on dvd ram… but then what are you going to do with it? you can’t play it on anything else. so being able to copy the disks to the pc so they can be transferred to normal disks would be great.

As far as I can tell, none of the recommended drives i’ve seen can read DVD-RAM :doh: so i’m getting confused and frustrated trying to find a decent drive that doesn’t exist? Any good dvd recorders that can read dvd-ram?

LG 4163 is able to read (and write) DVD-RAM… and it’s a very good reader (however not the fastest) and writer too but doesn’t support PIE/PIF scanning.

I have no idea what PIE/PIF is anyway, so i’ll check out that drive :slight_smile:

I see that the LG is really slow at writing DL media and only supports +DL though, that’s disappointing. It’s never possible to get exactly what you want is it lol I guess I just get a NEC ND-3540BL and get them to record stuff on DVD+R and then do more editing on my comp by hand if an important recording needs it

If you are going to do a lot of this you might want to consider using 3X or 5X RAM as it will save you a lot of time copying the files to the HD. Otherwise you read at 2X.

If you go this way the LG works very well and is your only option for a few months. After that there will be 3-4 new drives. The LG is a very good drive for writing as well.

If you can find an old Liteon 166 ROM drive this will also read RAM at 2X. Pioneer 107, 108, and 109 will also read RAM but they cost as much as the LG and they do not write.

One last tip, do not install InCD as it will interfer with your ability to read anything writen by another drive.

Thanks for your advice, I was thinking of the Pioneer 109 too, but i’ve heard it’s got a lot of issues (I use DaraWrite disks so I just know they’re not going to be supported…)

I guess I just have to wait it out then. Thanks for your help

LG GSA-4163B is probably the drive for you … if you need a recorder.

If a DVD-ROM drive would be enough, you could look for a Lite-On 166S (hard to get) or a Toshiba SD-M1912.

Thanks, but the LG GSA-4163B isn’t very ‘futureproof’ for me as it only does DL+ rather than DL- and only at 2.4x and DVD-RAM reading at 2x (but some places say 3x and some places say 5x… can’t get a definitive answer.)

LG reads DVD-RAM at 5x… burns at half of this speed (because it checks the written data during burning… this is so for all DVD-RAM discs). And don’t worry about DVD-R DL… DVD+R DL are far superior to DVD-R DL as they can be booktyped to DVD-ROM… so they have much better compatibility. Even so… the DL disc are still too expensive as you can get 10 (good quality) SL disc for one (bad quality) DL disc.

Nothing is future proof in the tech industry…

You can ALWAYS say “I’m going to wait for the next release, so I can have insert next feature here”.

The longer I wait for the “perfect” device, the closer it is to being obsoleted by the next generation of products. In this case HD/Blu-ray. It’s a crazy, mad cycle!!!

Huh, the LG burns Verbatim DVD+R DL at 4x?

Yes :confused:

I think the reason they asked is that the LG is specced to burn at 2.4. I’ve ordered the LG in the end. Thanks for the advice everyone, I hope it’s a good drive, it just looks a bit mediocre compared to the BenQ and the NEC, if only they supported RAM :wink:

Thanks again

?? :confused: The drive specs on LG global site & CDFreaks review say 2.4x and 4x for DVD+R DL… so I don’t know where you people are looking for specs.

The BenQ and Nec specs might look better but the question is how much these new features supported are really needed… I think currently none of them are needed… but when they become a must you just buy a new drive that supports them.

Let’s look at the options at least:

LG 4163B: 5x DVD-RAM reading.
Panasonic SW-9585: 5x DVD-RAM reading.
Pioneer A09/109: 2x DVD-RAM reading.
Pioneer A08/108: 2x DVD-RAM reading.
Toshiba SD-R5372/R5372V: 2x DVD-RAM reading.

Looking at your requirements ( decent DVD writer, good reader, DVD-RAM read capable), I could recommend either the LG 4163B or the Panasonic SW-9585 (although this drive seems to have writing quality problems at 16x). The Pioneer A08/108 or the Pioneer A09/109 would also make a nice choice, but the DVD-RAM reading is maxed at 2x.