Best DVD Recorder for me?


I am planning on getting a DVD Recorder but I have a few both soft and hard requirements or wishes if you want to call it that.

Does anyone know of a box that does :

Reads DVD±R(W) (well doh, most should I guess).
Can record to DVD±R(W) (same)
Can read DivX and XviD (with or without subtitles).
Can read h.264 (MPEG-4).
Can play a hi-def xvid or h.264 file.
Hi-def as in 1280x720 or 960x540 or 1920x1080.
Has a harddrive (160GB+).
Has a DV-interface.

And naturally it needs to have hdmi, etc, seperate sound outputs so I can connect to my sound system, etc.

Anyone know if any machine that does this?

Or a machine that does SOME of it (please write which it does and which it doesn’t or if there’s any gotchas with one/several) and what you know of it (you’ve tried it or just read about it or …)


// Stefan

Be ready to pay a price tagof $800-$1000 for having DVD Recorder with these functions like Sony, Pioneer, Toshiba and so on.

Ok, I just went and bought myself an LG LH-188H and it does most of what I wanted.
Read: DVD±R(W) + DVD-RAM + DVD±R DL.
Write: DVD±R(W) + DVD-RAM + DVD+R DL. (No DVD-R DL).
160GB harddrive.
Plays DivX & Xvid & h.264 (MPEG-4).
Does NOT play anything with a higher res than 720x576, so no hi-def.
Has a DV-Interface.
Has HDMI-output. (the non-H model doesn’t).
Optical + S/PDIF outputs.
Upscales to 720p / 1080i.
Dual Scart in/out with RGB input.

I didn’t find a single player+recorder that did all that AND did hi-def for any price range of any brand.

Only thing that bothers me a little (I don’t know if players from other brands are any better or worse?) is that when I start timeshifting I miss a few seconds of the show and I’m lying “behind” the show a few seconds. So if I have two TVs next to each other showing the same channel and one of them is timeshifted through the LG then the other TV is a little ahead. Annoying but I guess nothing really major.

Another thing is that it only knows about the AVI container, no MKV or OGM. I haven’t tried MP4 container yet but the manual says only AVI. If it handles h264 I wouldn’t be surprised if it DID know about the mp4 container though. Gonna have to try it I guess.

If anyone wants more info on the player I bought, feel free to ask.

I’m really happy with it.

Oh and it cost me 3995 SEK (442 Euro, 583 USD) here in Sweden. The store I bought it usually carries it for 4995 but currently has a promotion for 4495 and they give a 500 SEK extra rebate for members. (If you want to know name of store, PM me, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to write it here).

// Stefan

Thank you for the name of store but I am living in US so congratulation with your purchase and good choice and happy new year with happy burning.


The comment was to “anybody reading this” and not necessarily to you (even though naturally you would get the name if you asked :)).

// Stefan