Best DVD Reader?

Need a new DVD reader for my ‘custom built’ duplicator as my Liteon 16x dosen’t like reading some brands for strange reasons (RiData!)

So what is a good reader? I normally use ‘On the Fly’ mode so need a reader that can make best use of this feature. Basically I’m aiming to get the data off a source disc to a -R disc as quickly as possible. (Especially since I agreed to do some fancy wedding DVD for someone :Z )

The writers are all NEC 3500 :slight_smile:

If your source media is free of flaws, the 3500 is already the fastest reader of -R media available. It is not good when it comes to bad media; then you might want a BenQ 1620. Also, for a ROM drive, the AOpen 1648 AAP Pro is a very good all round reader, but not as fast as the 3500 for burned discs.

How about a BenQ 1640? :wink:

aopen1608 and rebags and 716a are fast DL readers. My 3500 is very slow DL reader. I will check out my 3530 this weekend, but I do not expect any improvement.

Unless I am mistaken, he indicated he would be copying from a -R disc and he already has the 3500. If I read wrong, my error.