Best DVD Reader for 2013

I understand that this question might be asked a lot of times, but I’m wondering what should I do to read old DVD-R disk written 3-10 years ago. I have to put my old data archive to Hard Disk.

What is the best external reader for that?
I’ve heard that Liteon readers gives better reading quality novadays.

What is the best or recommended scenario? Should I bought some old drives (from ebay) or there are new drives available at the market that gives me best reading results.

  1. What are the best drives for that task?
  2. What should I do with firmware to get the best results?
  3. What kind of software should I use to make several read attempts?
  1. Dunno but any LiteOn or Samsung desktop-size drive is a good bet.

  2. Newer firmware very rarely makes a difference in reading ability, it usually only improves writing of some media.

  3. IsoPuzzle, IsoBuster, DVDisaster…

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Oh, and having more than one (type of) drive available can be helpful since different drives may be good at handling different types of problems.