Best DVD-+rDVD-+rw drive?

i’m gonna buy new PC,but cant deside what DVD-drive i buy.

is it must be DVD-R/DVD-RW or DVD+R/DVD+RW?

and what named,Sony,HW,Philips or what?

can any1 recomended.

i want it burn data,video thinks of course and can copy so much as possible…




> DVD+ or -

That’s something like a religion. You can easily discover people who spent money on the wrong one (i.e. they’re not satisfied), are therefore sour but don’t admit it: They go off topic and tel you that you don’t know anything…instead of giving reasons for their decision…(i think some of you know who I speak of)

> can copy as much as possible

You will need an extra cd writer.



whats that? poeing or fucking?

i need dvd user opinion,what kind you buy,are you happy with it,and so on…

i’m thinking Sony or HP…i mean if some1 else buying this drive,do they writing jobs good and how about burning data/video disc,are they compatible dvd drives,capice…


of course i know what i buy,IF I MUST BUY IT THIS MINUTE,but if this a CD FREAKS talking forum,i dare to open thread and ASK.


thank you very much.


btw,nice icons,hehhe,must use…

i’d go for the philips

You can see in my signature what I use…DVD-R(W)

i would go with the pioneer. 104 if you want it now. or wait a few mounth for the next. im not sure a new will be out by september but the roumor says so.
Also sanyo have one to be out soon also DVD-R. one of theese is what im going to get. From what i have read, and that a lot, it seams best with DVD-R.

also Sony have a set top DVD±R coming out late this year. have not heard about any for PC.

Imho I would actually wait until a standard would be in effect. If I had to go run to my favorite emergency electronics place, it would be the phillips drive.

forgive my ignorence, but why the phillips over a Pioneer ?

I have a Sony DRU-120A DVD+RW and no problems here.
I went for +RW because you can multisession a DVD without starting from scratch - which you have to do when you add something to a -RW.
The media is as cheap as -R/RW, if not cheaper.


where to turn to get + media at smae price as - ?

  • could you pm me links?

I can buy direct from Sony and from a Ricoh distributor and at the moment + are cheaper than - here in Oz. Go to a retail shop and they will charge the same price for either format!


Buy a pioneer a04/104(the bulk version of the 0a4) i my self have a 104,If you want to back up your data/movies/console games dvd-r is a better choice then dvd+r.It all depends where you want it to use for.