Best DVD-R Media?

Just a quick question for all you gurus out there.

Whats the best DVD-R media around for films ?

I’ve used quite a few in the past (Ritek, Neo, FWS, Verbatim, Datasafe). I use both printable and non-printable.

The best I’ve found are either the Riteks or the Verbatims. The dye is a lot darker on these than the Datasafes and seem to compatiable with more s/alone DVD players.

Any other suggestions for good quality media ??


Maxell, Taiyo Yuden

Best media that I’ve used so far is Verbatim 2x DVD-R.

i agree with alexnoe on the Taiyo Yuden. many japanese use Taiyo Yuden for burnin DVDs. i’ve also heard good news for TDKs. i think you just have to try out different medias to see which one works for your hardware(dvd-writer, comercial dvd player).

And many Europeans would use Taiyo Yuden if they were easy to find :frowning:

Ritek 4x media works perfect for me. (Traxdata 4x)

I have a Pioneer DVR-105.


i’ve had this question ever since i started readin about and using dvd-writer. why are the Ritek dvds so compatible with Pioneer? are they specially made for them?? many ppl seem to use Ritek for all their Pioneer dvd-writers. many ppl in Japan do that too.

i have a DRU500AX and using Taiyo Yuden right now. i heard that Taiyo Yuden is not goin to make the 2x dvds anymore. they are goin to switch to 4x!! yay!! but is this true??? it’s not that i care, just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

Taiyo Yuden 4x discs already exist.

Every DVD writer must be optimized for each type of disc, so Pioneer writers must be optimized for Ritek media, otherwise they could never work that well. But I wouldn’t say that media is made for recorders. It’s vice-versa

hmm, very interesting… well thanks for your reply. so basically more the dvds are compatible with the writer, the writer is good quality then??

The writer and its firmware.

Take the Sony DRU500A as example: With its initial firmware, its media compatibility and write quality was just plain bad, but now, it is pretty good

I use 1.0d firmware, no probs with Princo 2x -R, DataWrite 1x -R, Nashua 1x -R, Verbatim 2x -R, TDK +RW, TDK +R, Philips +RW, Philips +R…
I don’t have playback problems on my standalone DVD player.
If a disc didn’t work it was because of improper settings.
I don’t see why 1.0d is bad firmware for media compatibility (or maybe it is for media that’s not available here, but then it’s no problem for me :wink:

The TDK+R/W’s that I have are manufactured by Verbatim.


Not 1.0d, but the first one was released with 1.0, right? So 1.0a, 1.0b and 1.0c were before yours…

When I finally decide on which DVD Burner to get ( Sony dru500ax or Toshiba sd-r5002 or LG GMA4020)

I was thinking of getting a Verbatim 50pk DVD-R 4.7GB

This should be fine for making backups of my dvd collection correcT?