Best DVD+R media?

Hi, i was just wondering what would be the best DVD+R media to purchase in terms of quality and longevity - preferably in a ranking :bigsmile:
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Your choice will be either TY 8X, YUDEN000 T02 or Verbatim MCC 003 8X. The jury is still out as to which is best. 16X media are a little newer and should be close in quality but for proven stability and quality I would choose the 8X.

I’ve found MAXELL002 are pretty good too, although for 8x, my first choice would be YUDEN000 T02.

A word of warning: if you spot Maxell 8x +Rs and decide to try them, make sure they say Made in Japan on the packaging!


thanks for the quick reply :). i just got a 100pk spindle of Maxell 8x a couple of weeks ago and just realized now that they were made in Taiwan :p, they’re the RITEK 03 lol. also how are the RICOHJPN media?..i got some from Futureshop (Memorex branded 16x - MID RICOHJPN R03), and am wondering if i should get more ($7.99 CDN for 25pk). thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

To my personal experience RICOH is very good. Actually, my favorite. :iagree:

RICOHJPN R03 can vary in quality, especially anything under Memorex. I have seen some good scans with RICOHJPN R03, but also some very bad scans or sub-par with them. In fact, I just saw one poster post a FE/TE scan of a RICOHJPN R03 with his BenQ, using QScan FE/TE test under QSuite, and the Tracking Error graph was awful, even borderline when tested at 8x. Since the Tracking Error reflects the laser’s ability to exactly follow the track of the media, it explained why his 16x and 12x burns were subpar, because the TE error was over the limit. If your burner can overspeed these, I would not do so and set it to burn no faster than 8x.

Otherwise, for best longevity, I heartily agreed with chas0039–TY 8x, either yuden000t02-00, tyg02 or Verbatim (MCC)

so far my burns w/ the RICOHJPN R03s have been quite good, i actually have had my best scans with those, tho i think it may also have something to do w/ the FW.
thanks for all the replies :slight_smile: