Best DVD+R for Plextor PX-755UF


Has anyone tested different DVD+R blanks on a Plextor PX-755UF and found one or more to give the best quality please? I’ve checked around for reviews and CDRinfo shows 16x MCC 04 00 media as giving the best results of those they tested. Trouble is that their range of media was small and it was on a long out of date firmware.

If MCC 04 00 is still the one to go for, what brands in the UK use this, Verbatim aside, please?

I appreciate any tips.

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Yes, actually it’s MCC 004. It’s one of the best disc types available.
Verbatim usually has MCC 004.
I’ve also seen some reports of genuine MCC 004 sold as Infiniti, HP and Memorex, but usually these brands don’t have the MCC 004 but the inferior CMC MAG M01. :slight_smile:

Beware of MCC 004 fakes (MCC 004 sold under the EMTEC or Tevion brands are most likely fakes from Hong Kong or Macau).

If you’re looking for an alternative to MCC 004, I would recommend YUDEN000 T02 (Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R).

Many thanks again Evil Boy :slight_smile: . You’ve been a great help :smiley: . I’ll get myself some Verbatim MCC 004 and, if I can find any, some YUDEN000 T02 to trial them against.

All the best!

I still have these single spikes when scanning my MCC004 media in my LiteOn.
Only the LiteOn “sees” them in the scan aswell as in the TRT, my other drives don’t have any problems reading the discs.

Has anyone ever experienced real world problems with those single spikes @ Plex’ relinking points?

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Wasn’t aware that some Plextors could produce re-linking PIF spikes (well, I’m just [I]assuming[/I] they’re re-linking spikes) like the NECs. :confused:

Maybe [B]DrageMester [/B]has some ideas / comments ont the question…

I haven’t done extensive testing of the burn quality of my PX-760A yet, but I can tell you what I have found so far.

At 6x CLV there seems to be no relinking spikes (seen in LiteOn scanning drive).

At 8x P-CAV ther are re-linking spikes sometimes but more often there are none.

At 12x P-CAV and faster there are relinking spikes.

My external enclosure cannot burn at 16x and 18x with my setup without buffer uner-runs, and the buffer under-run protection in my PX-760 isn’t very good at all - the quality really suffers when this happens a lot at the end of a DVD.

It’s no surprise that the Plextor PX-760 (identical to the 755 in most ways) is very good with Taiyo Yuden media, and I’ve tried YUDEN000 T02 and TY CD-R media so far with excellent results.

Since I mostly burn at 8x anyway, I’m not overly disappointed about the spiking problem, and the relinking spikes don’t cause the same type of problem as relinking spikes made by my NEC ND-4551A or Optiarc AD-7173A drives.

The relinking spikes made by my PX-760A are only apparent in LiteOn scans and sometimes as a small “blip” on a Transfer Rate Test in the LiteOn (165P6S).

Thanks [B]DrageMester[/B], that was very informative. :slight_smile:

Yes, indeed! Thanks, DrageMaster!

Seems that I don’t have to worry about those spikes…
So my Plex is goint to become my primary DVD-burner,

Many thanks all :). You are stars :clap: .

I’m a bit lost on one bit of jargon though. What is a re-linking spike please? I can see what you are referring to on the charts but what is it?

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Whenever a DVD burner stops writing and then starts again, it creates what is called a “relinking point”. When this stop/start relinking happens the laser is turned off (or rather from write to read) and the drive will have to search for the exact same location and then turn the laser on again. This usually doesn’t happen in the exact same position on the disc, so there can be a very small area that doesn’t contain the right raw data before error correction. This will in some drives (e.g. LiteOn drives) be shown as a PIF “spike” in a quality scan, where a single vertical line higher than 4 PIF can be shown. Other drives such as BenQ and Plextor tend to ignore such relinking spikes in quality scans.

Different drives also behave differently when reading a disc with such relinking spikes; some drives don’t care while others may slow down or in rare cases even fail to read such a disc.

So why does a drive stop and restart while burning?

Modern DVD burners feature some kind of laser recalibration during burning in order to adapt to changes in the media. This is known under such names as WOPC (Walking Optimal Power Calibration), ROPC (Running OPC), AOPC (Active OPC), PowerRec etc. The particulars of these xOPC techniques differ, but they will all stop a burn temporarily in order to read/check the media and then restart the burning with the same or modified power calibration.

If the pc is unable to feed data fast enough to the drive while burning, a DVD burner will also use it’s buffer under-run prevention feature to stop the burn and restart it when the data buffer in the drive is filled again, This also causes relinking points.

Many thanks DrageMester. VERY informative and helpful :bigsmile: . I’m very glad you are monitoring these forums!

All the best!!!