Best DVD+R for Plex 708

Does anyone know what is the best 4X DVD+R’s to get if you want to reach speeds of 8X on the Plextor 708? thank you.

Try High Quality Plextor DVD+R Media (4.7GB, 120min, 4xMultispeed) :smiley:

thanx for the reply but what I was asking for was 4X DVD+R that can rip at 8X from either BestBuy, CompUSA. or any other stores.

The media that the Plextor PX-708A supports can be found on the Plextor Europe website here. Media listed there and media that’s based on these manufacturers will give you good results. In my experience the PX-708A works very well with Taiyo Yuden, TDK and Ricoh 4x DVD+R media (they all work at 8x when recording them with the drive).

Thanx for the reply G@M3FR3@K. My question is when I go to burn do I choose 4X or 8X to get it to burn 8X? Also that trick that you talked about to get the burner to burn faster what does it do and how do you do it again?

The drive selects the best speed to write the media based on a lookup table. If the factory has determined that some 4x media will consistently write at 8x, it puts that in the firmware. When the drive detects the disc, and the disc can write at 8x, the drive starts out at 6x, samples the write quality, and jumps to 8x if it is good, or drops to 4x if it is not so good. Its all automatic. If the drive does not write at 8x with your 4x +R media, it is the media, not the drive.

TDK, Verbatim and Ricoh are quality media. Ricoh OEMs to Memorex and other vendors, so check the ADIP with a utility to ID the vendor.

i use datasafe ritek media to burn perfectly at 8x although i think these discs do have a ricoh lead in can’t remember now but datasafe ritek 4x+ is what there sold as, hope this helps


I have used TDK and Verbatim 4x DVD+r media, and both of these brands write without fail at 8x. TDK is available at Staples and Best Buy in My hometown (Knoxville, TN).

thanx for all the replies!

I use Philips, no problems at 8x speed and quite cheap.

I use IMATION 4X DVD+R that burns at 8x. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanx for the pic Hammer0id. Does anyone have a pic of the TDK DVD’s that rip at 8X? I wanna get a big pack of DVD’s like 25 of them at least, does anyone know what brand is the cheapest but yet has the best quality rip at 8X? Also when I rip a DVD is the quality going to be just as good as the original? thanx for all the replies.

Originally posted by Pivo
Also when I rip a DVD is the quality going to be just as good as the original?
Yes it will be. Keep in mind though, that most original DVDs are larger than 4,4GB so they don’t fit on a DVDR disc. This means that you will either have to remove some things from the original DVD (like extra audio tracks, or special features) or you will have to transcode the movie to make it fit. Transcoding means that the video is recoded at a lower bitrate. Generally speaking when you don’t use a high level of transcoding you won’t see the difference in quality. Another option you could also use is to split the original DVD to two DVDR’s but this is often not wanted since it costs more and it’s not handy since you have to switch discs when watching the movie from the DVDRs. More information on DVD and transcoding can be read in this article.

thanx a lot G@M3FR3@K. This forum has been very helpful!

Bulk TDK’s, Memorex & Fuji Film rated at 4X have worked for me @ 8X.