Hey, what is the best DVD+R DL but 50 or 100 pack but not expensive but best and a good site to buy from?


The only widely available DL +R DVD’s that we recommend are Verbatim.

If you want the 8x variety Amazon has them here.

The 2.4x-8x variety in a retail package is slightly less expensive and can be found here. You might wind up with some made in India, which many people say are inferior. The best Verbatim DL media is made in Singapore, and the UAE made ones are also good.

Other sites to look for them include and

The only other type of DL DVD I’d recommend are the Falcon FTI 2P process discs which you can find here. They seem to be slightly more expensive and don’t have free shipping.


Hi Kerry,

Thank you so much! I very much appreciate the info! :slight_smile:


Hi Kerry,

I seen that Falcon link you posted and I noticed its $1.29 for 1, but how does this work?


Enter 50 or 100 in the quantity line.


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2734554]Enter 50 or 100 in the quantity line.[/QUOTE]

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


Hi Kerry,

These ones, would I be able to label them with a black sharpie after burning something onto them?


[QUOTE=php111;2734557]Hi Kerry,

These ones, would I be able to label them with a black sharpie after burning something onto them?[/QUOTE]

Absolutely. The inkjet printable disks have a very good top surface. They tend to be a bit more expensive, but I couldn’t find any other 50ct cakeboxes of the 8x discs at Amazon.


Agree with Mitsubishi/Verbatim being the only good (and probably the only truly usable) dual/double-layer DVD media. Both the 2.4X (MKM 001) and 8X (MKM 003) are more or less equally good but make sure you get either the Made in Singapore or Made in UAE varieties.


Respect To Other Opinion . I Can Be Sure That I Used Over 100K DVD+R DL Till Now With My Duplication Systems. I Am Also A Importer And Wholesaler I Used Over Mitsubishi RITEK MBI FTI AONE UMEDISKs And …

Verbatim Is Good But Falcon In My Opinion Under The Test Is Better. It Rocks
This Is Production Unit Maxtec --> Falcon Standard --> Falcon Pro .
I Use The Maxtec Which The Media Is FTI R08 And The Lowest Grade Of Falcon Product But It Outeprforms 2P Verbatim .
You Can See The Result. If You GO With Falcon Pro Be Sure You Choosed The Best