Best DVD +R DL?

I just wasted money on a 15 pack of Memorex DVD +R DL that all freeze and other assorted things - NASTY!!! I have a Pioneer DVR-108, what works best? :frowning:

Asked and answered many times.

There’s only one choice: Verbatim.

MKM001 (Verbatim and several others) burn a treat on the DVR-108 - you’ll get some great results.


So far only tried RIDATA but 5/5 good copies with 1ClickDVDcopy SOHW 1693s,
Now that the price is starting to drop may start to use DL more often with movies longer than 2 hours.

Ridata carry the same manufacturer as Memorex. . .Ritek. The results on them are so mixed that I won’t touch them with a 10 foot pole. As mentioned above, VERBATIM ONLY!!!