Best DVD+R and DL media (long term)

Im now considering doing some dvd backup

what id like to know is whats the best media to use for long term master copies?

i use dvdfab platinum
gsa t11n burner (is there a significantly better laptop one?)

will be needing SL and DL discs reccomendations

before i looked into this i knew nothing about media codes etc until i found this;

ive been looking at verbatim/sony/TY/ridisc (but i dont think the last one is that good tho i did find one with tth02 but it may be fake)

UK btw

id really like some help!

Welcome to the forum from a fellow UK’er :wink:

We have a poll on long-term storage:

But put simply my recommendation would be Verbatim 16x DVD+R, and Verbatim +R DL. :slight_smile:

LG make good burners, and being a laptop drive it’ll burn the Verbie SL discs at 8x, which is a good speed.

Have a look on for good media deals :slight_smile:


is it better to get the YUDEN000T03 verbatim or verbatim MCC 004

also, i thought slower was always better tho this does not seem to be the case

I would go for the MCC004 - the Verbatim YUDEN000 T03 seem to be below par compared to say, Plextor-branded YUDEN000 T03 IMO.

No, slower isn’t always better, unless you have particularly crappy media ;)…8x should be very nice with the MCC004, I burn all my MCC004 at that speed. :slight_smile:

Although I’ve seen some cases where things like jitter can be better at a slower speed.

i guessed from looking around that was the case, so ill go with the verbatim shiny top branded discs

does the complete setup
dvd fab platinum 4 -> gsa t11n -> verbatim DVD+R mcc004 8X
verbatim DVD+R DL mkm001 2.4x

sound ok?

this subject is like a mine field!

thanks for your help!

That sounds like a great setup to me - and you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

(MCC004 are actually 16x discs, but your drive should have support for them at 8x…if not, you may like to choose MCC003, which is 8x DVD+R).

how will i know if it supports it at 8x? will it just not work otherwise?

ive found them for 21p each