Best dvd player

Looking for opinions on the best dvd player software. Multi-purpose players welcome. I have used powerdvd but I dislike the interface and wmp is pure evil (phone home)…
so what do people think?

Hi there and be welcome to our precious forum :slight_smile:

The best DVD player software? Well that mostly depends on personal preferences. For myself, there are two programs I like to use (Windows programs that is, I won’t mention any Linux products).

  1. PowerDVD (I like the interface ;))
  2. VLC Videolan. I posted a thread about this free player a couple of days ago. Visit it here!

Another player called WinDVD does fine as well.

Do you have any special wishes for a DVD playing program?

consistent ui
that’s my issue with powerdvd, its not consistent with the windows ui

(i’m not truly new here btw, i just haven’t ever registered before;))