Best DVD Player?

I am having trouble with my JVC DVD player playing some of my movies and wondered if anyone could suggest the best DVD Player to play them?


Sony OR Philips…

Never! LOL well this is my opinion. I have a JVC and it plays almost everything no problems. Stay away from SONY period.

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Panasonic or Philips

The higher end Denon and Panasonic players have always scored very well in terms of progressive scan quality.

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I have to agree though that I have no idea why this question was asked in an anydvd forum.


I own several panasonic’s players with RAM capabilites and they play everything I put in them. My top player is the flagship panasonic dvd-s97 if you’re looking for a top-rated machine. If not, the panasonic dvd-f87 5-disk player has RAM and all media capabilties and can be found for about $120.
Take one of your burned dvds with you when you shop and try it in the player before you buy it.
Also, your finalizing method may be the problem, and so may be your blank media. I use verbatim dvd-r’s which are carried at best buy and office max and have never had a problem. It’s obviously cheaper to try the verbatim media first to see if it plays in your jvc than to buy a new player-- you might want to try that. I have an older jvc xv-fa90 7-disk changer too, and my verbatims play fine in it. Good luck!

That is depend what money you are willing to pay for DVD player, you can buy one for $300 or for $34 the choice is your and the quality goes with price as a rule of thumb.

A Home Theatre PC running AnyDVD, of course. :wink:

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In my experience most of the high end overpriced dvd players like sony, panasonic, etc., have the most trouble playing burned dvds. I’m not saying all burned dvds but some or most burned dvds. Also they have the most trouble playing different formats etc., The best players for me have been the really cheapo ones for playability. For some reason they seem to play most if not all discs pretty well. Don’t spend more then 50 bucks on a dvd player, everything below 50 bucks is good. If you wanta go with a upconverting dvd player get the daytek, it has hdmi out and also plays divx. It’s around 60 dollars canadian.

Take a burned disc and go to your shop and play it on the DVD players they offer. If a player starts the disc - go to the last chapter and see if it also plays that one without problems. If you find a player that works - then buy it.

What AnyDVD has to do with his question of what is the best DVD player?.

Never a problem with Sony AND/OR Philips DVD Players over 10 Years for me!!! The Best in the world!!!

Well, it’s [B][I]kinda[/I][/B] related.

Basically AnyDVD allows you to make the backup, but that’s only half the equation . . . now he’s asking what hardware allows the least problematic playback. I find this an acceptable post -> I put it along with what’s the best program to work with AnyDVD (CloneDVD, DVDShrink, etc.) questions.

I recently just had the same problem. Our DVD player in the living room bit the dust and I went looking for a replacement. Not an easy task, it just seems it’s hard to find one that had the features of our old one and is still pretty compatible. A good resource is as they have lists of DVD players and users can comment on what formats they play and stuff.

Personally we bought a Polaroid DRM-2100G DVD recorder with an 80 gig hard drive. It’s a quirky unit, but it only runs $219 at Wally World. The unit is based on a Phillips unit (loosely) and has some advantages the higher priced units don’t . . . the most useful one is that it has a Western Digital 80 gb hard drive in it, but it’s not a locked drive -> just plug a bigger one in and it’ll format it and use it! It has an open frame DVD burner in it and several PC burners have been found to be able to be used with it (though they’d require some serious surgery to the case to mount). The encoder chip in it is top notch and it does great dubbing from external sources. Some have found that it’s not overly picky when copy protected material is presented to it also.

It has flaws though - some remotes are short ranged, but that can be fixed with a $2 high output LED from Radio Shack. The internal tuner is MONO! but for simple TV time shifting that doesn’t bother us. DVDs burnt in it look and quality scan OK, but it uses a variant of the DVD_VR file structure that drives most editing/copying program nuts (including CloneDVD! running AnyDVD only makes things worse too!). Also, discs burnt on it don’t work quite right in some DVD players - the fast forward is in hyper drive and will hit the end of the disc in a flash, really unhandy if you want to skip commercials! I think it’s due to the DVD_VR format though, I’m sure we’ll find a fix for it. The darn fans like to get loud too, but there’s plenty of room in the case so I’ve ordered a new higher quality fan for it.

All we really wanted was a player that wasn’t picky and this unit has that. The 40+ hour recording to the hard drive has proven to be a major bonus! It’s really nice to set the timers and not have to worry about shuffling tapes! We haven’t missed a favorite show since we got it! The flaws are minor to us and most, if not all, are fixable.

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After playing with this unit I seriously thought about a home theater pc, but they are expensive for even a basic system . . . for $200 the Polaroid is quite a bargain!

Also, remember, analog TV transmission will cease in a couple years (devices with analog tuners will no longer be produced after March of '07) so I wouldn’t spend a whole lot on any A/V equipment with anlog tuners right now.


AnyDVD makes a home theatre PC the best player: Region Free, PUO free, drive noise control, transparent subtitles, remove “annoying trailers & adverts”, kills “PC-Friendly” / Interactual player, removes Macrovision on the analogue Video output, …
A PC running AnyDVD is probably the best DVD player you can get.
Not the cheapest option to watch DVDs, but certainly not the most expensive (a PC can be compared with very expensive upscaling player).
With AnyDVD running, the PC can upscale DVDs over component out and DVI/HDMI without HDCP. A standalone player is not allowed to do that.

Right you are James! A HTPC is one cool piece of equipment! Just expensive . . .

For those wondering about HTPC I’ve found the forums at to be pretty good. The site it’s self is no longer being updated, but the forums are running strong. is intending to take over the content of htpcnews but their forums aren’t too active. Beyond TV from is some highly rated pvr software and their forums are pretty good too!

Hey James, I noticed that CloneDVD identified my Polaroid created disc as a Phillips created disc and attempted to fix it, unfortunately it didn’t. If I snail mail ya a disc would you be interested in taking at look at it and seeing what’s out of spec on it?

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