Best DVD Player To Use?

I recently started using CloneDVD and AnyDVD and my question is simple and to some quite silly? :o

The question is what is the best DVD player to use to view DVDs I recently burned?

The problem I have is when I take a DL DVD and compress it to DVD-5 it skips and pops during the movie. I was told I need a DVD player with Progressive Scan, which I have a newer Samsung DVD play that has progressive scan and I still have skipping movies. If I take a movie that is in DVD-5 and burn it to DVD-5 I get great results.
I really don’t want to burn my $$ on blank DL disks since the compressing technology is there.
I also, took a DL movie and stripped all the sub menus and got the quality back in the 98% bracket and the movie still skips and pops but plays prefectly on my computer using WINDVD4.

Any help would be great to this new bee!!! :bow:

I would recommend the LG Divx player (the up-converting if your TV has HDMI). Had it for about 6 months now and not one problem. Plays Divx, xVid, or anything you throw at it (including a bunch of xVids burnt on one DVD).

Guaranteed no problem with DVD-R/RW media. BTW, to use progressive scan you need either component video connection or HDMI. If you use the red-yellow-white (composite) or S-video it ain’t gonna work. And after you connect it, you have to tell it to use it in the options.

May be you want to try that before spending all that money on a new DVD player (I think it retails for about $100)

since you have clonedvd2 you can split the movie onto 2 sl dvds. just use the scissors under the preview window.

I’d look for a philips or cyberhome player.

Before considering another player, you may try different media. Generally speaking, skips and errors can be attributed to bad media, or media that doesn’t work with your particular burner very well. As always, more information would be helpful, such as burner type, burner firmware, and media codes.

With all the different types of media and burners available, I’m certain you can find a solution that will give you great results with your existing setup.