Best DVD player/recorder for tv?

Need suggestions for the least expensive, best quality dvd player/recorder for tv. It’s for my elderly aunt that just records her “shows” when she’s gone. Would like to have one that has the onscreen programming (TV Guide). There are so many out there that I don’t know which one to choose. Thanks

maybe her cable or satellite provider offers a dvr or tivo service.

my cable company

directv dvr

Good idea, but she’s on a small fixed income and can’t afford monthly payments, that’s why I wanted to get her a player/recorder for dvd’s. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

You’ll have to tell us what your geographical location is before we can start to make reliable recommendations.

Philips makes some easy 1-button-press recording systems,

I’m in Central Texas, she’s in West Texas

Nurset, I may disappoint and gather wrath of some people by offering
you a “keep it simple, stupid” & cheap alternative.

I think you want to visit the Best Buy Outlet store on eBay and track
the Panasonic DVD recorder auctions. I tracked them for a few hours
spread across a few week days and nailed a mint condition Panasonic
DVD recorder (make sure it reads and writes to DVD RAM disks). Focus
on the model with 27 in the model number. I got one for $18. Counting
shipping I got it for under $35 total.

They are refurbished, which often means brand new but open box or
returned with slight use. By law, retailers cannot sell opened box goods as “new”.
Mine looked brand new. I buy several high tech items a year from the outlet. It
is actually dealtree, a contractor who sells Best Buy clearance items, but you
look it up by searching under “store”, using the name Best Buy Outlet.

These units provide an excellent digital tuner and they have a few different ways
to connect. I did mine the simple way by connecting my cable input into it and linking
it to my TV with a coaxial cable (like people did with the old VHS recorder\player. Avoid
units marked Analog only (by the Outlet Store). They will not work after the 2009
FCC required TV shift from analog to digital.

DVD RAM disks are inexpensive now. I got a box of ten brand name
disks for $8. You can copy and erase at least 1,000 times onto
a DVD Ram disks without degrading pictures. DVD RAM works much
like a computer hard drive. You can jump around on them just as you
do a hard drive, there is a sector that “knows” where everything is, unlike
a DVD which petty much runs serial like a recording tape.

The Panasonic is easy to program and it works great. Just read the
manual. Better than a more expensive Tivo.


I like the Lite_On standalone DVD recorder systems - I picked one up last year for C$87 and it does pretty much all you mentioned.
Easy to program, and a range of connection options.

It was from BestBuy in Canada - don’t know if they’re available in your area.