Best DVD player for under £100

Can anyone tell me whats the best DVD player under £100 available in the UK? Im willing to stretch my budget up a little if there is one considerably better.


I’ve purchased from the following player for £35 and it’s
absolutely superb. It plays everything thrown at it and it’s Multiregion. For the price of a decent bottle of champers i have no regrets. If it lasts for only 1 year it doesn’t matter because the price is very reasonable.
The player is called YAKUMO DVD MASTER XL2 and you can upgrade via Firmware. An absolute steal!!!
By the way it’s made in Germany.


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Thanks for the recomendation. I will have a look at that one at Amazon.

Don’t be afraid to buy such brands like Samsung, LG, Daewoo, etc. They usually perform much better and offer much more than the “big ones”. They are cheap, but usually they don’t last long.

I used a Daewoo standalone, and it was perfect. Worked for two years. Now I have the newest Philips. Well, Daewoo was better. :iagree: