Best DVD player for PC



In your opinion, what do you think is the best program out to play DVD’s on your PC? Ive been using Power DVD and it’s a pretty good program. I’m just wondering if there is something out that plays with better quality. :slight_smile:


Stick with PowerDVD. It’s the best.


A lot of people recommend the Media Center player in MCE 2005, using the Nvidia Purevideo dvd decoder. You can also use that decoder in Windows Media Player. I’ve tried it and the latest version of PowerDVD, but I can’t tell much difference personally. And I have an Nvidia video card that is fully compatible with the Nvidia decoder’s features. I’ve gone back to PowerDVD for the most part.

I’ve read conflicting reports on using Nvidia PureVideo in Vista so far.


Powerdvd is a good player. My overall favorite is VLC…will play darn near anything… :iagree:


PowerDvD or Video Lan Player would be my choices and as maineman stated Video Lan Player will play almost everything you can throw at it.

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In reality, media player is not that much vital in playing video or game in your PC it is the quality of your Video Card and Monitor that influences this quality. Therefore, Real 1, Windows Media Player, Nero or any other program are all the same.


This is very true. :iagree: :iagree:

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What about winDVD 9? how good is that?


Haven’t used WinDVD in years…but back then it was basically the same quality as PowerDVD.

Can’t comment on the version 9, but I have to think they are similar to their main competitor, PowerDVD.